Rating: 37%
Bottomline: Pretty, but not fun.

"Go talk to uncle Vinnie, he'll get you work..."
"Go talk to uncle Radvregez, he'll get you work..."
"Go talk to uncle Bla bla bla blee bla, he'll get you work..."

You know that when a company splashes out and hires a whole TWO voice actors, that you're in for a good time. Thats one male, and one female voice actor.. and not to say they're bad at their job.. no no.. its just that the same sentacnes get so overused that i just want to scream! perhaps three random male sayings and three random female sayings, two of which are just the male ones in a female voice.. And by random sayings, I mean the random chit-chat people tend to have with each other... Argh..
Anyways, past the part that makes me want to rip out my overly-amazing hair.
Graphically, it's very nice with some great ambient lighting and a nice sense of atmosphere. the levels do feel like they are set in the 40s.
The gameplay is decent to begin with, but gets so repetative. the first level consists of running around a very limited and repeating town finding a think at least 7 people named 'uncle somebody' until you finally get to one who gives you a parcel and sends you back to the first guy who then gives you work... kay.
And then the rest of the levels are 'take out the other gang-lords' and they just get harder and harder.. no varience in the type of level, just in the difficulty.
Around level 4, vehicles are introduced. I was quite excited about this, seeing as i was getting bored of having to run around the place to kill the various crime-lords.. but no.. The driving is actually SLOWER than running.. a kerb, maybe a third of a foot high stop the cars so it is impossible to drive on pavements, and in a grid-lock inducing town like New York, you can imagine why this can be... frustrating...
The game itself handles a teeny-weeny bit like Age of Empires.. no wait.. it doesnt..
You complete some easy missions like "deliver this package without getting caught by cops" to earn a little money... then, you get the option to buy out stores and garages so that you get more income.. The AI gangs will attempt to take over those stores too, so you have to defend them.. Anyways, once you get a bit of money coming in, you can hire some henchmen.. They come in the forms of 'goon' 'gunslinger' 'pimp' 'showgirl' and 'drunk' .. there are a few more unlockable or 'one-time-only' d00ds too...
And thats it.. no depth.. there is an illusion of a story... but when you finally find the brother you came to America to kill, guess what happens?
"kill the brother in the EXACT same way you killed all the previous crime-lords."

bleh. dull.

The multiplayer is much better, as each player takes the role of a crime lord and has to make their 'empire' on the streets to get enough money to kill the opposition.. but that gets just as dull too.
Dont buy it.

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